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People usually use the term "true love", yet it is used to describe a very conditional link between two people. For the benefit of illustration, let' s state there are two types of love; Conditional love and the unconditional like.

With conditional love you can find conditions that need to be met. An individual has to look a certain way, talk a specific way and have a certain strategies order to be loved by the additional person.

With unconditional like there are no conditions that have to become met. The more your like becomes directed at one person, the more conditional and less "true" it becomes. Therefore, "true love" means loving everyone similarly. This is contrary to most individuals interpretation of true love.

Conditional love relationships on the same dopamine-based incentive mechanism as any other form of dependancy. Addiction is impermanent and consequently you will have to keep feeding it.

For example…

  • You will need to repeatly tell the other person that you enjoy them and do so in different methods.
  • You will try to find ways to consider your relationship to the "next level".
  • You will be inclined make the additional person feel jealous and unconfident.
  • You will start arguments, break-up and make-up, without any justifiable cause.

All of which are manifestations of the addiction associated with conditional like.

When you remove the dependancy, there is a different kind of love. The love that is true. A like that is unconventional. A love which is permanent and does not require serving. It' s always there, the more we seek it, the particular further away it gets.

So what steps can we consume order to experience this kind of love? Well, we have to remove the addiction, which in turn eliminates the conditionality. This is typically attained through mindfulness, meditation and renunciation.

Is there one person for everybody?

Well, I do not really know. However, the notification there is one person for everyone would seem counter-productive within the context of human evolution. The chances are, we are like penguins, shuffling around until we find a neurological match.

As we feel the process of personal development, our sense associated with self becomes more defined. Our identity and it' s connected ideologies become more fixed. Of program, such a refinement will reflect within our ability to find a match. If you might be finding it hard to find "the one", "miss or mr right", it may be the case that you have an over-inflated sense of self. The amount of possible matches will inevitably decrease due to the degree of conditionality imposed simply by this "ego". And what is the self confidence? Well, it' s a self-referral addiction, since why we give food to it, because why we desire disappointment when we are depressed, and so on. The ego is not poor. It is entirely necessary within the context of human evolution and personal development. At the same time, it is the reason for separation.

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