Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics

Posted on July 7, 2018 By How to Fix A Broken Marriage Alone in 21 Days ...Feng Shui teaches that every individual interacts differently to their environment. Sometimes, a specific environment – such as a house or even office – is so suited to a person that you find that everything in your life is excellent. However, if you have troubled relationships or even financial woes, it is quite likely there is some discord or imbalance in between yourself and your environment, manifesting within your daily life. By subtly modifying your own environment, you will be able to restore this stability, and consequently improve your life. Modifying your own environment can be as simple as altering the angle or position of the work desk, or by buying Feng Shui items such as mandarin geese and placing them in correct locations in your home or office. There are many systems of authentic traditional Feng Shui. This article explains the Xuan Kong (pronounced “Shu-en Kong”) system. Xuan Kong (literally “Mysterious Void” in Chinese) is a complete program which includes complicated formulae to determine optimal positioning and composition of the environment. EIGHT MANSION (PA-KUA) COLLEGE OF FENG SHUI There really are a few sub-schools within the Xuan Kong system, including the popular Flying Stars school. The descriptions in this article depend on the Eight Mansion school, also called the Pa-Kua school. In the particular Pa-Kua technique, the compass will be divided into eight directions, all of which is depicted by a trigram. Each of these directions have different importance. For example, one of the Pa-Kua instructions is the personal or relationship path, which will be of the most interest to somebody with troubled relationships. Furthermore, the importance of each direction differs for each person. To find out how each Pa-Kua path affects you personally, you will need to determine your Kua Number. You can perform this by using the Kua Calculator from: The calculator will provide you with your own Kua Number, and more importantly, exactly what each Pa-Kua direction means to a person. In short, four of those instructions will be positive and favorable for you, while the other four will have unfavorable connotations for you. The eight Pa-Kua directions can be briefly summarized the following: Sheng Chi (Life Generating) : This Pa-Kua direction is your wealth and wealth direction. You would certainly focus on this direction if you are thinking about financial strength. Tien Yi (Heavenly Doctor) – This direction is the health direction. You would concentrate on this direction if you are interested in health insurance and physical matters. Nien Yin (Relationships) – This direction is your human relationships direction. You would focus on this particular direction if you have troubled relationships plus would like to improve your love life and your marriage. Fu Wei (Stability) – This direction is your balance and knowledge direction. You would certainly focus on this direction if you want to accomplish tranquility and knowledge. Ho Hai (Mishaps) – The first unfavorable Pa-Kua direction is your accident or even misfortune direction. You would concentrate on this direction if you want to reduce unexpected accidents or loss. Wu Gwei (Five Ghosts) – This path is your financial loss direction. You would focus on this direction to avoid theft and other financial woes. Liu Sha (Six Killings) – This direction is your “evil” direction. You would focus on this direction toward off malevolence against you. Chueh Ming (Total Loss) – This direction is your loss and dying direction. You would focus on this particular direction to reduce physical loss plus death around you. For more information around the Nien Yin (Love and Relationship) corner, you can read: About The Author
Steven maintains the Mandarin Duck Feng Shui website from It provides information on how mandarin ducks are able to help improve relationships making use of Feng Shui principles.

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