How To Stop Divorce

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How Do I Stop Beingu00a0u201cClingy,u201d - - - Science of Relationships divorce advice for womenIf your marriage is heading for divorce, and that is not what you want, it might not be too late to save your marriage. Below are some tips to stop divorce and get your marriage back on track.


Many troubled marriages have been able to find healing by seeking the help of a marriage counselor. Counseling can help both partners figure out which issues are truly at the root of the problem. It can also help both the husband and the wife learn to communicate in an effective and positive way.

Of course, traditional counseling is not the only option for someone who is trying to stop divorce. There are other things that you can try without involving a third person.

At Home Programs

Another route to take is to try one of the many at-home programs that are available. There are books, CDs and video programs that can walk you through many of the most common marital issues.

These programs have helped many couples whose marriage was in trouble. Some couples who could benefit from traditional counseling either cannot afford it or are not comfortable with the idea of talking about their problems with a stranger.

These at-home programs are a good alternative for many such couples.

Agree to Concessions

If there is something that your spouse has asked for as a condition to making the marriage work, considering agreeing, even if it is not something you would be willing to do for the long term.

By agreeing to the concession, you would be able to stop divorce proceedings and have more time to work on the deeper issues of the marriage.

Taking Responsibility

Another action that may help stop divorce is taking responsibility for your actions that helped to do harm to the marriage. Problems in a marriage are very rarely all one person’s fault. Sometimes, however, one party or the other is reluctant to assume any portion of the blame.

Failing to apologize and acknowledge how you have hurt your spouse will only hurt the marriage further. If you want to try and stop divorce, you must be willing to take responsibility. Not just in word, but in deed as well.

A Caveat

While some wish that there was a magic formula that could stop divorce in all cases, the truth is that many marriages WILL end in divorce. There will be some cases in which even your best efforts will fail to stop divorce.

If your husband or wife is determined to go through with ending the marriage, then there may be nothing at all that you be able to do to change their mind.

You do not, however, have to give up without a fight. Just do all that you can, whether that means going to traditional counseling, at-home marriage help program or anything else. That way, no matter how things turn out in the end, you will know that you did all that you could do to try and stop divorce.

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