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Top 8 Affaircare Topics: #4 Bible Verses to Save Your ...Solution focused therapy is a brand new style of marriage therapy. It targets the future rather than the past or existing. Instead of dwelling on existing problems or what caused all of them, it looks to the future and assists us realize the steps we have to take to get there.

In other terms, it focuses on results. The few thinks about tomorrow and what they’d enjoy it to be. Then, the therapist works together with them to decide which steps to take brings that future happiness. It provides lots of advantages over traditional varieties of marriage therapy.

We Can Work It Out

This style of treatment focuses on the positive instead of negative. Traditionally, we looked at weaknesses and errors. Negative thinking breeds only really negative thinking. Always looking at weak points can help, but it can also intensify difficulties and hurt self-confidence. This kind of thinking often leads to “wallowing” plus feeling like the problems are unsolvable.

On the other hand, focusing on good aspects of you with results-based treatment helps boost confidence and show the particular couple that there is a way out of the present situation. Looking at your marriage plus yourselves in a positive light may be the first step to working out your own problems.

The Blame Game

Older methods focus on how the current issue developed. In other words, exactly how did we get to where we have been now, While this can be effective within working out present problems, it can come with an unfortunate side effect, which we contact “the blame game.” The blaming game is really a killer for almost all relationships. We start blaming the other for anything that happened, and it just spirals downwards from there.

Most married couples don’t navigate to the therapist until things are poor already. With a problem that’s been pulling on a long time, there’s lots of blame to put. Solution-based counseling helps move items away from blaming each other, and the clean break. The focus is usually on the future and what can be done to be able to right.

Tracking Small Changes

Fixing a marriage seems like an overwhelming problem. It’s too much to take in all at once. The remedy based approach looks at small adjustments, and how each small change can impact a bigger change. Instead of seeking to fix the entire marriage, we take a look at making small adjustments in the future, and exactly what their outcome will be. The counselor will often ask what bothers a person about your spouse’s behavior or even attitude, and what small change will make it better. This approach to treatment not only produces immediate results, but additionally shows you that it’s not so tough to modify.

Solution based marriage therapy wants the future instead of dwelling on the previous. By making small changes everyday, you can fix your problems as well as the time you spend together can be delighted and enriching, the way it’s said to be.

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