How Couples Counseling Can Help Save A Marriage

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Relationship Building: Shared Qualities Use this worksheet to encourage a couple to work together. The couple will be asked to identify common values, goals, and positive experiences from their relationship. The goal of this worksheet is to place focus on positive interactions.The marriage is troubled, attractions that resulted in the marital union have waned, and one or both of you are considering divorce. In one last effort you seek couples counseling, hoping you could salvage the marriage. Can it help, Will it help, How will it help us with this problem, Each of you entered this marriage as unique human beings, bringing sole backgrounds, and life experiences. The wealth of experiences that you brought to the marriage, have provided you with a notion, that the way you view the world is the “real” reality.

You have tried to “fix” the problem with common sense, and logic, and seem to only have compounded the problem. In a last ditch effort, you decide to try the irrational, and illogical approach through seeking the help of a marriage counselor, hoping however, not really “believing” it can work. The very act of going to a counseling session to obtain “outside” help is an act of change. You are seeking help for something you do not believe can be changed. Paradoxically, this is actually the first step towards change, as you are seeking a different solution. One of the most common fallacies of change is that when something is “bad”, it’s opposite must be “good”. The wife who divorces the “weak” husband, to marry the “strong” husband, usually discovers to her dismay, that while the second marriage should be vastly different from the first, nothing much has actually changed.

A couples counselor is trained to look at the problem from the new perspective, in order to create change. There are many tips and tools that can be utilized to help create this change. It might be as simple as providing opportunities for every partner to speak, and be heard, or as complex as telling each of you to continue doing the same thing you have been doing to solve the problem. A counselor might give you instructions to create yourself be “unhappy”. Anybody could be unhappy, but to make oneself unhappy needs to be learned. In the language game just presented, symptoms are prescribed, a double bind created, in an effort to create the desired change. The therapist can help you “fix” the problem, using methods outside the box, outside your frame of reference, outside your logic, in efforts to provide solutions. It is this vast wealth of knowledge, that expands your problem solving ability, in order that each partner can view a fresh, and “real” reality.

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