Can a Broken Marriage Be Fixed? The Role of Love Maps

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Can a damaged marriage be fixed? YES and NO!

It can be fixed, if there is sufficient energy, optimism and support remaining after the damage.

Most relationships can be fixed if partners are prepared to do the hard work and stay close to constructively to address the problems. Often nevertheless , during the process of getting broken, the abilities, sentiments and feelings that are required to repair the damage also get broken. Thus, when there is not much willingness to fix exactly what got broken, the marriage spiral outs negatively and often results in divorce.

Generally, during the process of a relationship breaking down, marriage partners get harm, anger is generated and companions become less willing to understand or even look after each other. Also feelings of trust, emotional safety (and actually physical safety), energy and take care of each other also gets lost plus damaged. When it comes around in order to doing all the work that is needed to restoration a broken marriage not much is usually left in the kitty.

The patterns of reciprocation and knowing between people in love are usually contained in the ' love maps' these people build about each other. People react to each other based on the quality of belief in these love maps. If these types of love maps become too broken then there is very little willingness possibly to ' see' a upcoming together nor to do the hardraft needed to fix a broken relationship.

So the whole question regarding whether a broken marriage could be fixed rest on the quality plus nature of the love chart initially formed and its ' health' after the marriage breakdown and the harm done during this process of damage.

Some of these psychological images and patterns of knowning that we have of our partners are extremely durable and survive during plus work through difficulties. Some get therefore damaged by neglect, abuse plus affairs and can survive these trauma and others can not. Also persistent plus gnarling problems ' white ant' the positive sentiments echoed in a love map. That is why recently and long term marrieds can respond very differently to similar circumstances and problems – their internalized love patterns are in different levels of development and repair.

In a marriage care ought to be taken to by both partners in order to feed, maintain and repair their own ' love maps'. So, may a broken marriage be set?

Yes, provided the ' love maps' of the marriage companions are not irreparably damaged

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