A Private Investigators Top 5 Tips to Identify a Cheating Partner

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As a Private Investigator I deal with lots of cheating partner and matrimonial cases. In cases like this it is a private investigators job to give a client all the information they need to be sure about whether their partner is cheating or not.

Whilst a Private Investigator will be able to provide a well documented report that will prove or disprove a partners infidelity, we are also commonly asked for clues that a client can look for to ascertain whether they may need professional help or not.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you try and identify a cheating partner:

1 – Do you feel like your partner may be avoiding intimacy?

Does your partner make excuses when it comes to being intimate? Do you feel that they may be the recipient to kiss you or accept your affection?

2 – Has your partner become secretive about their computer usage?

This may take the form of your partner quickly shutting down what they are doing when you enter the room, password protecting their computer, or increasing their usage at times when you are not around such as "working" late at night.

3 – Have you noticed changes in your partner's appearance?

Do you sometimes notice that your partner is not wearing their wedding ring; often with no explanation as to why? Has your partner taken more interest in their physical appearance? Perhaps they have started losing weight or going to the gym. Sometimes your partner has recently appeared better dressed or more frequently wears perfume / aftershave. Perhaps they also get a new hairstyle or makeover. Does their clothing match what they claim to be doing? For example would your husband normally wear a suit to "go fishing"? Has your partner recently started purchasing lingerie or sexy underwear?

4 – Have you noticed a change in your partner's routine?

This may be that they claim to be "working" later or sometimes that they are required to go away for the weekend "on a seminar" or "on business". Have you noticed that sometimes they head straight for a bath or shower as soon as they get home? Perhaps there are other more obvious breaks in their usual home / work routine.

5 – Secretive Communication

Does your partner seem to leave the room or make excuses when taking certain phone calls? Sometimes when asked they claim the call was a "wrong number" or "not someone you'd know". Are they secretive about emails or text messages, perhaps they have recently bought an additional mobile phone. Do they take care to never leave their phone when you might be able to answer it or see who's calling?

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