A Private Investigator Shares the Top 5 Ways to Catch a Cheater

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There are lots of private investigators who go after cheaters. Some investigators are better than others, and several investigators are so good at catching cheaters they are busy either testifying or even investigating most of the time. We are one of those investigators. But before I used to be a private investigator, I was a customer. And through trial and error in my very own case, and the hundreds of instances I worked once I grew to become a professional, I learned the following. There are five simple strategies for catching a cheater. They all work extremely well, particularly when all are used.

1. Use a GPS NAVIGATION tracker.

GPS trackers used to be cumbersome, expensive and incorrect. Today, you can buy a GPS reside tracker for less than $150. 00 and you will track a person’s every proceed they make in that vehicle. It think where they went, how long they will stayed and even how fast these were going. So, if he’s race off to meet Bambi, you will be aware how anxious he was to get there.

2. Get family locator on the cellphone they use.

Ideally you do this when you’re setting up your own plan, because otherwise the accounts holder will be notified when modifications go into effect. It’s not as precise as a GPS tracker, however it does tell you where they go by walking or in someone’s car. This feature usually has a perimeter of error up to 1/2 mile, so GPS tracking is definitely better, if you can do it.

3. Grab the shot.

If your spouse is usually sneaking outside to text or even talk, but you don’t want to yet confront them, take a picture of them outside to make use of for later. You’ll need a design of behavior, so start once you can. Document EVERYTHING, with photos, if possible.

4. Place cameras about your home.

Spy stores sell all sorts of cool spy gear, including digital cameras so small you can hide all of them in an outlet. Keep in mind it has an expectation of privacy in rooms and bathrooms- do not place digital cameras there. Judges don’t like it!

5. Hire a professional.

Yes, we all know you probably can catch a cheater yourself. But in the finish, it’s like changing your own essential oil. You might be able to get it done, but it’s usually more effective to employ a professional. A private investigator offers a license to stalk, therefore let them get the evidence plus pattern of infidelity that you need.

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