9 Questions To Help You Stop Divorce And Fix Your Marriage

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You will learn how to much better manage your thoughts, attitudes, approach plus actions in response to the happy existence you want instead of in response to the problems plus challenges. To fix your relationship and stop a divorce you need to take a 7 days answering each of the following questions.

What is the Number 1 problem inside your marriage?

This question helps you instantly differentiate between symptoms and underlying problems. You will identify the issue causing the most pain. working to repair this problem will automatically solve the outward symptoms associated with it and relieve a person of more than 50% of the issues influencing the marriage.

Why did you love your spouse?

This question helps help remind you of who you mentioned yes to before all the difficulties. To reconnect with the bright potential you saw you need to remember the individual you saw it with.

What is the purpose of your marriage?

Purpose is what anchors your marriage whenever expectations fail and feelings change. The purpose of a marriage is the worth it will add to society. Your relationship is just as important to the world as every single hospital, school and courtroom.

What are the issues affecting the marriage?

You will categorise the issues according to the subheadings below and focus your energy upon addressing the first 2 .

1. Issues relating to the Number 1 Problem.

2. Issues specific to you.

3. Issues specific to your spouse.

4. Issues that affect you both.

How does your marriage function?

In this particular question you describe what is functioning well and what needs fixing. Divorce happens when the perceived poor working outweighs what is working well. You need to have an honest look at both edges and not just focus on the problems you need to repair.

Who influences your marriage and exactly what are they like?

Many marriages are usually ruined because of advice from the incorrect people. If your influencers are certainly not people with strong stable marriages you should rethink who you associate with.

What did the best years look like?

There was a working formula at some time within the marriage. Take time to remember exactly how life was when you were delighted.

What changed?

In a marriage items tend to go south when particular circumstances occur. Examining the good many years can help you identify when and where things transformed and what factors caused it.

How do you respond to the things you can’t endure?

How we respond to situations is definitely more important that the situation itself. When you know how you react you can take obligation over your actions and select a different approach. You never repair a marriage, what you fix is the way you think and behave in the relationship.

Honestly exploring and answering these types of questions will help you see the many characteristics of your relationship that make it great, and also those causing stress and discomfort. Next you will focus your energy upon fixing what you have most control of. Focus less on your spouse plus their issues and more on you plus yours.

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