3 Easy Relationship Counseling Tips That Can Help You Out

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Relationships are areas we can hardly do without in our lives. They are all around us and they are prone to problems. I know once or more you have been approached to give advice, if not about an opinion, about a certain issue in a relationship.

Your sister was broken hearted recently and you offer a shoulder to lean on, being the good sister that you are. Relationship counseling tips are important tools to amour ourselves with. You never know when the relationship crisis will strike. Your friend will be so much in a relationship mess. What will you do? Help her cry and wail? In case your answer is no, you are so wrong.

One of the most important relationship counseling tips is actually to let the victim cry. Crying is not a weakness for those who see it in that light. If you can cry you are basically lucky. They are people who would take ages before they shed a tear. They have to break cups and smash everything in sight to feel better. Tears have a way of relieving bitterness and anger. If you are counseling someone, cry with her if you can. Tears are infectious. Once you see someone soaked in tears you might as well release yours. This is a consensus like no other. You have done enough counseling and your friend, sister or student will leave your company with all the relationship problems at the back of his / her head.

Most of the victims who may need counseling are emotionally down and will break down at the slightest provocation. It is one of the best relationship counseling tips to avoid sympathizing with them. Let them die if they want but ensure that you tell them what they need to hear but not what they want to hear. Most people listened to the victims, talk sweet and soft and do not help them much at the end of the session. For instance if a person confronted with a relationship problem threats to commit suicide, what do you do? It might as well be your very own partner. Tell them to go ahead and hung themselves. Off course this will get them off guard because this is not what they expected. It may appear rude but it is a great relationship counseling tip. This calls for reflection. The victim will certainly sit down and recollect his / her thoughts. "Why did he tell me that?" This is the question they will mostly ask themselves. I assure you they will never do it. Who would want to die and leave the other party in a relationship enjoying life? Not me and certainly not you.

Among great relationship counseling tips the issue of allowing the victim to pour down his / her heart to you. How do you achieve this? If you pull up a stern, scaring look i doubt your relationship counseling skills. To be a good counselor, you have to approach approach and a very good listener. Encourage the person to talk about all the relationship problems and do not interrupt. Have you ever wondered why women live longer? It is because they talk out their problems. You may call it gossip but that is why she is still living with that drunkard and bringing up her kids.

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